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About Trip Thai Goal

What is Trip Thai Goal?

We all would like to have a fun Thai trip, but there is too much information that bombards us. Are you looking for accommodation? Travel attractions? Recommended places? Special experience? They are all gathered by Trip Thai Goal.

Trip Thai Goal is a trip planning platform based in Thailand. You and your friends can customize your own Thai trip by clicking a few buttons in a few seconds. You will receive an editable itinerary with details. You can add or remove any schedules as you wish. It saves your time and budget while you can plan your trip in an easy and innovative way. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been to Thailand, we always help you explore new adventure and experience.

Come with Trip Thai Goal. Let’s travel, let’s go!


To be the most informative travel planner in Thailand providing efficient and effective platform, travel recommendations and guidance to customers in an innovative and unique way.


To serve customers as our Thai friends with enhanced and enjoyable Thai travel experiences by providing steady planning platform system, quality services, comprehensive tourism projects that address and customize their travel needs.

Value of Trip Thai Goal

Sustainable Tourism

Trip Thai Goal explores second-tier provinces in Thailand, which are not the main or trendy tourist destinations for travellers from other countries, in order to stimulating economy and boosting tourism in the areas. We partner with the locals, promoting unusual tours with enhanced experiences to foreign travellers. We provide opportunity for tribes, locals and village communities to sustain their livelihood. In the aspect of travellers, it will be easier to reach information of unseen places and rare scenes, that is usually recommended in Thai websites written in Thai. Trip Thai Goal builds the bridges to connect travellers and Thai locals.

Travel Problem Solving

The first question coming up from minds is “Where to go in Thailand?” when travellers, who are the first time to visit Thailand or have been explored Thailand for many times, start to plan the Thai trip. Travellers get inspiration from Trip Thai Goal, when they are out of travel ideas or plans in Thailand. We are your good friends in Thailand, who always help you out in the case of language barrier or emergency after you arrive Thailand. We provide comprehensive one-stop services including local tour package, car rental, ticket reservations of public transportation, time reservations for special requests and travel insurance by reliable and certified partner companies. Trip Thai Goal solves the complex travel problems with you.

Innovative System

Trip Thai Goal has an innovative system, gathering travel information in Thailand, sorting out and filtering the data for individual needs. You can save time and budget to do research on abundant travel websites and arrange travel routes for your itinerary, as we select the most suitable and price-reasonable tours, transportation, car renting and travel packages for you. We are your travel planning tool, that you are able to edit own Thai travel plan based on your preferences and time available. Trip Thai Goal creates the trip planning platform for your convenience.

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