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About Us

Chief Executive Officer – Tasha, H.T. CHAN

Hi, I am Tasha from Hong Kong. I love to travel around the world and have been to many countries, but the country that I love most is Thailand. I like the culture, weather and people there. I am happy to share everything that I have experienced in Thailand. Therefore, I get the idea of building the Trip Thai Goal website. We gather all the unseen Thai travel information, and generate travel plans automatically by a well designed system. On top of that, we will customize a unique travel itinerary to accommodate your preferences. Trip Thai Goal does not only help plan your trip in Thailand easier, but also save your time and budget.

Tasha C.

Chief Operations Officer – Kasima Saeia

Saweedee ka, I am Sun from Thailand. I love my country, so my friends and I are gathering ideas together to present Thailand to the others. I love to be your Thai friends and bring you around Thailand. I love to show you the unique Thai culture - meeting the local people, tasting local food and exploring unseen local places. I am sure that you will have extraordinary experience if you come to Thailand with me! In Thailand, there are not only beaches, temples and mountains, but local communities and tribes. Design your own journey with Trip Thai Goal. We are your Thai friends.

Kasima S.

Chief Marketing Officer – Siriporn Saelim

Hi there! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO THAILAND? There is a good chance for you to experience Thailand that no one else ever did. We are super hosts who would like to introduce to you the unique and mysterious side of Thailand. You will never get tired of visiting Thailand! You will fall in love with this country like I do. Want to have super host?
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Can't wait to meet you guys 😀😀😀

Thavinee A.

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