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Amphawa Floating Market & Train Market Experience

Amphawa Floating Market & Train Market Experience

Want to know the best way to experience a culture? Come with us, and you'll taste the local life in 2 markets. Let's visit Maeklong Railway Market, and wonder at how the market functions along the train tracks. Then, we'll eat and shop at Amphawa Floating Market, one of Thailand's most beautiful and liveliest floating markets just minutes away.



Meet up at hotel lobby (in Bangkok area)


Let's start our day of exploring Thai markets at Maeklong Railway Market, or the "Umbrella Market"! Here, the vendors sell their produce along the train tracks and actual trains run straight through the market many times every day. Here, you'll see how fast the vendors pull down their umbrellas and pack away their goods to make way for the arriving train! Amazing, isn't it!


Look! The train is arriving! This is a good time for you to take lots of photos/videos to take home! Believe it or not, this unusual scene is completely normal for the locals. Just check out how casual each vendor pack away their goods and sell them again as if nothing happened!


After checking out Maeklong Railway Market, we'll head to Amphawa Floating Market just minutes away, where we'll enjoy our local lunch. There are lots of shops here selling affordable Thai food where you can enjoy. Again, I can recommend you the best things to eat if you're not sure what to get! After that, let's walk around Amphawa Floating Market and observe the local way of life. You can also try more tasty snacks if you have a sweet tooth and shop for souvenirs if you want! We'll head back to Bangkok around 15.30 p.m.


We should be in Bangkok by now! I will drop you off back at your hotel. I hope you enjoyed my trip! Have a great day!


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