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Loei is an ecotourism city surrounded by undulating mountain ranges whose summits are covered by foggy lines, 


Thai Term Glossary 

Amphoe  : District

Ao  : Bay

Ban  : Village 

Hat  : Beach

Khao  : Mountain

Ko  : Island

Laem  : Cape

Maenam  : River

Mueang   : Town or City 

Muko   : Group of Islands (Archipelago) 

Namtok  : Waterfall 

Phu  : Mountain

Pha  : Cliff

Tambon  : Sub-district

Tham  : Cave

Ubosot or Bot  : Ordination hall in a temple

Wihan   : Image hall in a temple

Wat  : Temple 

Note : English spelling here given tries to approximate 

Thai pronunciation. Posted signs may be spelled differently. 

When seeking help from a Thai for direction, point to the Thai 

spellings given after each place name. 

Loei is an ecotourism city surrounded by undulating mountain 

ranges whose summits are covered by foggy lines, abundant 

with various kinds of flora. The well-known ones are Phu 

Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea. Its temperature is 

comfortably cool, with beautiful geographical surroundings, 

as well as, unique cultures and traditions; Phi Ta Khon, 

awaiting travellers to come and experience the miracle of 

this land.

Loei is 520 kilometres from Bangkok, covering an area of 

11,424 square kilometres. It is a boundary province located in 

the upper northeastern part of Thailand, on the bank of the 

Mekong River along the Phetchabun mountain range. In the 

past, it was a small community in a prosperous empire during 

the same period as the Thai Kingdom of Ayutthaya. Later, 

the Lan Chang Empire became weaker, therefore, the 

community moved to be with Ayutthaya. During the reign of 

King Rama V of the Rattanakosin period, the community was 

upgraded to be Loei province. Loei is divided into 14 districts; 

namely, Amphoe Mueang Loei, Amphoe Wang Saphung, 

Amphoe Pak Chom, Amphoe Chiang Khan, Amphoe Tha Li, 

Amphoe Phu Ruea, Amphoe Dan Sai, Amphoe Phu Kradueng, 

Amphoe Na Haeo, Amphoe Na Duang, Amphoe Phu Luang, 

Amphoe Pha Khao, Amphoe Erawan, and Amphoe Nong Hin.


 North  Connects to The Lao People’s Democratic 

 Republic.   SouthConnects to Khon Khaen and Phetchabun.

 East  Connects to Nong Khai, Nong Bua Lam Phu 

  and Khon Kaen.

 West  Connects to Phitsanulok.


By Car : From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 or Phahonyothin 

Road, passing Amphoe Mueang of Saraburi. Turn into Highway 

No. 21, passing Phetchabun. Then, take Highway No. 203, 

passing Amphoe Lom Sak, Lom Kao into Loei province at 

Amphoe Dan Sai, Amphoe Phu Ruea to Amphoe Mueang Loei. 

It takes approximately 7-8 hours. Otherwise, from Saraburi, 

take Highway No. 2, passing Nakhon Ratchasima to Khon Kaen, 

a total distance of 536 kilometres and turn left into Highway 

No. 12, passing Amphoe Chum Phae and take Highway No. 201 

into Loei province through Amphoe Phu Kradueng, Amphoe 

Wang Saphung and Amphoe Mueang, being a total distance 

of 540 kilometres. 

By Bus :The Transport Co., Ltd. provides daily buses between 

Bangkok - Loei both normal and air - conditioned ones. The trip 

takes approximately 10 hours. 

By Train :There is no railway station in Loei. However, visitors 

can take a train from Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong) 

to Udon Thani and take a bus to Loei. 

By Plane :At present, Nok Air Co., Ltd. has provided the 

Bangkok - Loei Route on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. 

Otherwise, the Bangkok - Udon Thani route provided by Thai Airways 

International Public Co., Ltd. or Air Asia Co., Ltd. can be taken. 

Contact THAI’s Udon Thani Then, continue with a bus or rent

 a car from Udon Thani to Loei. 

Distance from Amphoe Mueang Loei to other districts

Amphoe Wang Saphung23  kilometres

Amphoe Na Duang32  kilometres

Amphoe Tha Li 47 kilometres

Amphoe Chiang Khan47  kilometres

Amphoe Phu Luang49  kilometres

Amphoe Phu Ruea50  kilometres

Amphoe Erawan 50 kilometres

Amphoe Nong Hin50  kilometres

Amphoe Pha Khao70  kilometres

Amphoe Phu Kradueng73  kilometres

Amphoe Dan Sai82  kilometres

Amphoe Pak Chom90  kilometres

Amphoe Na Haeo125  kilometres

Distance from Loei to other nearby provinces

Nong Bua Lam Phu106  kilometres

Udon Thani 152 kilometres

Phetchabun 190 kilometres

Khon Kaen 206 kilometres

Phitsanulok 269 kilometres

Travelling around the province can be done by mini buses 

(Song Thaeo), departing from the Bus Terminal on Maliwan 

Road. Travelling from the centre of the province to other districts 

and nearby provinces can be done by buses, departing from 

the Bus Terminal on Maliwan Road.

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