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Uttaradit, cover an area of 7,838 square kilometres, is a province in the lower North of Thailand. Prominent landmarks


Uttaradit, cover an area of 7,838 square kilometres, is a province in

the lower North of Thailand. Prominent landmarks include Sila Asna

bedstead, the mystical legend of Mueang Laplae, sweet langsat, and

birthplace of the valiant and patriotic hero Phraya Phichai Dap Hak,

who fought alongside King Taksin the Great.

Uttaradit has a long history, proven by discovery of artefacts, dating

back to pre-historic times, down to the Ayutthaya and Thon Buri

periods. Mueang Phichai and Sawangkhaburi were Ayutthaya’s most

strategic outposts. The site of the original town, then called Bang Pho

Tha It, which was Mueang Phichai’s dependency, was located on the

right bank of the Nan River. It flourished as a port for goods

transportation. As a result, King Rama V elevated its status from Tambon

or sub-district into Mueangor town but was still under Mueang Phichai.

King Rama V re-named it Uttaradit, literally the Port of the North. Later

Uttaradit became more prosperous, and its status was elevated once

again into a province. The town of Phichai became just a district under



North borders with Phrae and Nan.

East borders with Phitsanulok, Loei, and Lao PDR.

South borders with Phitsanulok.

West borders with Sukhothai.

How To Get There

By Car: Uttaradit is located 491 kilometres from Bangkok. Two

routes are available:

1. From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 and No. 32 to Nakhon Sawan

via Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Sing Buri, and Chai

Nat. Then, take Highway No. 117 and No. 11 to Uttaradit via


2. From Bangkok, drive to Amphoe In Buri via the Bangkok – Sing

Buri route (Highway No. 311). Switch to Highway No. 11

 (In BuriTak Fa route) onto Highway No. 12 (Phitsanulok-Lom Sak route).

Turn left and proceed 8 kilometres further. Take a right turn onto

Highway No. 11 for Uttaradit.

By Train: Trains depart the Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong)

to Uttaradit every day. Contact the Bangkok Railway Station at

Tel: 1690, Uttaradit Railway Station Tel: 0 5541 1023

By Bus: The Transport Company Limited provides air-conditioned

and non air-conditioned buses from the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo

Chit 2) on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road to Uttaradit daily. For more

information, Tel: 1490 or Uttaradit transport Co., Ltd. Tel: 0 5541 1940 In addition, private bus companies operating

daily bus services to Uttaradit are Cherdchai Tour (Tel: 0 2936 0199)

and Win Tour (Tel: 0 2936 3753-4). Uttaradit Bus Station Tel: 0 5541


Distances from Amphoe Mueang Uttaradit

to other districts

Uttaradit is administratively divided into the following 9 districts or


Laplae 8 kilometres

Tron 25 kilometres

Tha Pla 40 kilometres

Thong Saen Khan 42 kilometres

Phichai 47 kilometres

Nam Pat 72 kilometres

Fak Tha 115 kilometres

Ban Khok 160 kilometres

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